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    You can see the work, collectively, that comes in from the trust to try and better outcomes, to try and better positive patient experience, but also for staff as well. And I think King’s has got a real sort of arms round shoulders, let’s look after one another, we’re in it together.

    And that from speaking to colleagues that have came from near and far or patients, the one thing they normally say is, “Oh we don’t get this in other hospitals.” And I can’t comment on it because I’ve never worked there professionally, but I think there’s a real strong work ethic. It’s got real good values and it really strives to believe what it’s kind of strategy is and does what it can to give you the tools in your toolkit to make that happen.

    We’re the branches. That’s fundamentally King’s, as a trust, as an organization is that tree trunk. And it’s about how you can empower your staff to go out and actually do the better for the sake of the better good for the people within our community and the wider radius that we obviously look after.