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    My manager is amazing. I love the folks in finance. It’s feels like a small family. You come to work and you feel at home, and you have your managers and the directors coming to you, talk to you, at any level. You don’t get to see who is the boss, who is the manager, but it looks like we are all equal. We have a certain relationship within the finance department, which is really amazing. It makes me feel like coming in every day because I feel like I’m part of a family.

    My colleague, Odelia, she’s amazing. She’s just like a sister to me in the office. And I have to add another person who is my boss, Rachel. She will always listen to you. She will always listen to you and give me the wings to fly, always have so much courage in me, and so much positivity, thinking I’m capable to do anything. So for Rachel and Odelia, I always say thank you to them for making me look forward to coming to work every day.