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Lead Tobacco Dependant SpecialistMedical & DentalKing's College Hospital

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    I’m immensely proud of working here. I’ve worked in the NHS for a good number of years, I think since early 2000s, but this is something different. Coming here, I was part of a medical team. Tobacco dependence traditionally has been more based in the community, but this was a real opportunity to develop tobacco dependence for inpatients and outpatients, and working in a team that has continuity of care. We’re following up people, and not just discharging them and sending them home. We’re actually really keen to support them because things like tobacco dependence doesn’t go away. It’s a chronic addiction, chronic condition we’re prone to relapse. So it’s great to be part of that, doing something innovative and helping people. But we’re always pushing the boundary here. That’s what I like about the attitude here. We’re trying to do something different and not just accepting what’s already done. We’re defining new models of care.